Who "WE" ARE

It is time that we learn TRUTHS about who WE really are and who our ancestors really WERE so that we can keeping coming back to the conclusion that WE ARE/WERE MORE THAN SLAVES. Black history does not begin at slavery!

The author of “The Problems with US: Exploring Aided Dysfunctions within the Black Community '' has written another self-help book “Who ‘WE’ Are” that derives from the first chapter of the author’s first written work. It is a continuation to the author’s beliefs that Africans/African American’s were and are more than slaves.  

Who WE Are was written in order to begin the transformation of minds on how WE view ourselves and each other, and begin changing narratives so that others view us in a new light. This is of paramount importance as we cannot begin to respect or love what we do not know to be true. We have to get children, the youth, and younger generations to become incessantly interested in the knowledge of self. The goal, to stress, is that Africans/African Americans have had many accomplishments throughout history that should always be focused upon and not forgotten. Slavery was a part of our history but should not define our make-up, our existence, or our reason for breathing. We cannot stray away or forget the fact that WE are, and our ancestors were, humans who possess(ed) souls and were talented, hard-working, royalty, and most of all, resilient.  

 We ARE and WERE more than SLAVES!  

Author’s note:


“When I wrote the first chapter of the book “The Problems with US: Exploring Aided Dysfunctions within the Black Community”, I wrote about African American’s being “more than slaves” and also spoke about who WE truly are. Going back over what I had written, I do not feel as if I really did my due diligence with explaining, in detail, about our (African American's) ancestry and how WE really are more than slaves. This book, “Who ‘WE’ Are” has given me that opportunity to make up what I feel was initially lacking in my first work, and it is my hope that it enlightens others to seek more knowledge about our true selves."


~Ishanae’ Pollard, MACJ, MSW, LSW