Ishanae' Pollard, MACJ, MSW, LSW

Author of book, “The Problems With US: Exploring Aided

Dysfunctions within the Black Community”, holds a Master’s degree in Social Work, Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, and is a Licensed Social Worker in the

State of Ohio. She is currently working towards becoming licensed as a Licensed

Independent Social Worker/Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Ishanae’ Pollard has worked within many different fields of

Social Work, including the fields of Child Welfare and Social Services,

Chemical Dependency, Foster Care and Adoption, and as a Therapist for Juvenile

Offenders and Human Trafficking victims who were in need of mental health and

substance abuse treatment.

Ishanaé’s goal will forever be to assist with strengthening

individuals and families, especially within the Black community. She also

challenges others to become a part of this movement and work towards building

stronger and united communities.